Monday, December 01, 2008

QR T-Shirt - A Sign Of things To Come?

QR and Shot codes still struggle to make an impact in the west. City AM, the free daily business newspaper, recently launched QR technology that allows readers to download financial news direct to their mobile phones and a couple of others have also played around to limited mass appeal. Now this new fashion company isnt going to change any of that fast but it is pretty neat and an ideal xmas present for the mobile/digi geek in the family (pay attention mum). 

I can see a time when Zagats or Amex will integrate these into their merchant's stickers or tourist authorities label historic buildings providing copy, audio or animated information and guides.....

Thanks Isabelle.



Pat said...

QR codes are cool and sure they have great potential for innovative marketing, but aren't they already a little outdated??

If Lego can embed this is a box:

And scientists are already doing this:

Why bother with QR codes, why can't you just take a pic of any old advert and it automatically goes to their website/promotion page.

Britain isn't as tech savvy as Japan, so make it simpler, offer incentives to take the picture (i.e. clicking that photo will give you a 5% discount - essentially modern day versions of coupons), which in itself will result in more consumers paying attention to the ads/bill boards whilst waiting for the train/walking down the street.

Giles Rhys Jones said...

yes agree. have seen the lego example and guys like offer a server based version as you suggest.

Isabelle O'Kane said...

Hi Giles, I've found an even better example see