Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 Reasons Agencies Should Employ Bloggers

OK so I have a vested interested as I am a blogger but this from Neil makes sense: Here are 5 reasons why employing people who blog is more important than ever. 

  • They start fires. Blogging forces you to come up with new stuff. To be interesting.
  • They understand the value of connection. And are connected. To other interesting people.
  • They get digital. They appreciate the nuances and potential of social media. And how it works. Because they're doing it, not looking at it
  • They're bothered. They have an opinion. They're not afraid to express it. 
  • They're passionate about their subject. And real passion is rare indeed.
I rejigged them abit. It fits with the Will & Skill cull.



neilperkin said...

Thanks for the big up, Giles. Agree it fits nicely with your Will & Skill post

Anonymous said...

They're full of shit, just like bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Okay, well, the biggest issue that was not addressed--and that negates many of his positives--is the fact that an insane percentage of blogs are irrelevant, utterly useless and just plain incorrect.

Your opinion + online + inflated self importance != value.

Giles Rhys Jones said...

think the equation is:
Your opinion + online + inflated self importance < value.

i guess the point is that some of the posts are relevant, useful and right. even if very few surely it is worthwhile.

if at first you don't succeed....

think dyson, rowling.

The Lost Agency said...

i believe they should, if that person has a passion for writting and can continue to spill out pages of absolute gold on a subjects that is quite useful to a client.

if it is a cranky sales member having to do it during their lunch you just wont get the same level of quality, and they wont know how to use other notification services such as RSS feeds, Digg etc...