Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Not sure how many of you got this message with various spam filters around etc... maybe caps and exclamation marks was too much.

Or if you did respond but perhaps were after something a little more racy, I apologise.

Now this is a great concept - people powered customer service.

People talk about your product, company and services online in various public guises, in small niche news groups, on blogs, in game/world etc...

The more enlightened brands facilitate forums on their sites as a way to reduce FAQs, misinformation and telephone agent costs. Others sent lurkers into the blogosphere as outreach customer service. Others monitor these conversations to gather insight or and very few identify influencers and structure a way to speak to them.

Most do none of the above.

This site seems to tap into the trend and has come up with a platform to enable any company or individual to do this and aggregates it all in one place. Nice and simple. Sign up to keep track on the discussions around you or your brands or heaven fore-fend get involved.


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