Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What Knickers Can Teach Us About Marketing

So I have waited ages to write about this underwear site in the hope I could justify it by pulling some thoughts together about what it reveals about the future of marketing and business and not seem like a total perv. allows you to see women modelling the lingerie you want and that you can control by turning her around and moving her closer to the camera.But seeing as everyone from The Sun, to and trendhunter have picked it up I should probably talk about it now.

Unfortunately this is one of the cases when over analysis just breaks down. It is as simple as real women showing you knickers and bras in an interesting and relevant way, hmmm not sure women in underwear that could be uninteresting, and it works for women and blokes.

It's a thin business acting as a middle man but presenting others products in an easy to navigate and more engaging way, then driving elsewhere to fullfil and for someone else to do the heavy lifting.

I would like to see a forum, an ability to send to a friend, more models. from a PR point of view they should get The Sun/FHM to their next shoot and get people to vote for the next models or hold a competition for real people.

Also where can I buy a G-string for me...

Disclaimer: I know the boys who developed it - though the sods didnt invite me to play - not even on the casting or shoot. Bastards.


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Marc Anteparra Naujock said...

Really a vote for a model contest would be fantastic for traffic. But it might fall into that 'this is what women should look like' category don't you think? I guess in either case traffic is traffic ;)

At the very least multi-racial models would broaden their demographics a bit.