Friday, February 15, 2008

The Funnel is Dead, Long Live The Beer Bong

Been there done that. Targetting ex-customers could become all the rage. Not to repeat purchase but to harness the wisdom they gained by going through the process in the first place to help others...and get them to buy your products.

As I have mentioned in previous posts I am refurbing a house at the moment and the number of groups and blogs on all topics from soft furnishings to structured wiring is astounding. Full of not only professionals but also enthusiastic DIY-ers and they have an opinion pretty much everything and all products.

Though many of them only bought the product once or not at all, they are hugely influential and valuable.

Much more than just a testimonial, these people could be used, i mean harnessed, as independent advisors or customer services. Reevoo has built its business model on it; farming and selling reviews on from actual purchasers of the product.

So far, so obvious, but the rub is that these influencers are identified and treated as a different silo. Often falling between PR, customer service or retention activities.

The current sales funnel used by the majority or agencies and marketing departments doesn't really pick this up. I am not advocating wholesale changes to the funnel as Forester suggests.

We all know the funnel doesn't represent a linear journey and there are massive and constantly changing influences on your purchase decision.

But there is a need to integrate the identification and valuation of these influencers into the process.

Possibly the "double beer bong" model?


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