Monday, February 18, 2008

"Reviews" Beat "UGC" In Forrester Survey

I don't know - what do you think? I don't know either - but what do you think?

Consumers are spending more and more time online and less time with traditional media. But what do people actually want from the sites they visit? Acording to Forrester Research and the asked 5,000 online consumers they asked the content and functionality they’d most like to see is:

What do you think?
64% percent of consumers reported wanting to see user ratings and reviews. Although only 23% want the ability to upload or view their own content.

Show me the money
And nearly the same amount also wanted price-focused offerings, like special offers or coupons (61%) and product or price comparison tools (59%).

Dont play games with me
Only 29% of all US consumers said they’d like to play entertaining games or fill out quizzes and questionnaires on sites.



Charles Frith said...

Possibly the greatest subtitle on a blog ever Giles.

If not anywhere. I mean that.

"Technical" Terry said...

Quite a bit of wasted time and money for a survey that speaks common sense. This is just one of the ways that advertising and marketing have become to be perceived by the general public as easy or DIY. Sad.