Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Social Shopping - We Are All Rich!!

Have a gander at mine on ei42.

It's seems like a dash of social networking, a pinch of online shopping a healthy dollop of commision - basically monetising social networking. Take a look for yourself all you do is register and then you get your own online shop.

The whole purpose of the shop is that you use it for self consumption. You dont have to get anyone else to buy stuff from your shop, you just join for free and then whenever you want to buy anything you simply do it through your own Ei42 shop and you earn yourself a commission.

It gets better. The REALLY good news is that we are all able to refer other friends to join us (the social network bit). There really is nothing to lose, we all help each other in a way. So if Tim has a site and she invites all his mates, I earn commision off their purchases and so on.

Click Here http://www.ei42.com/gilesrhysjones/ to see my shop and to find out more (Click the "Find Out More" link at the Top Right of the page).

This could be "a big deal",but if not nothing lost and something learned.



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