Monday, June 02, 2008

Report Shows UK TV Really Is Dead

Well at least in its traditional-all-sit-infront-of-the-TV-watching-scheduled-programming way, chuck in some double-dipping and you have a pretty complex living room.

A new report out shows that over half of the UK (57%) watch at least 1 hour of recorded or on demand TV a week. A third of them watch at least 3 hours.

About half of online UK residents (48%) have watched video or TV on the internet, with the vast majority using internet-based TV services for on-demand viewing (70%).

Women watch more on-demand or recorded TV than men (58% vs. 55%)

16% use internet catch up services such as the BBC iPlayer.

Most people watch internet TV or video in their home office or study (68%), followed by a communal room at home (39%) and then at work (20%). (Multiple responses allowed per user.)

The biggest drivers that would encourage more people to watch internet TV or video are more free content available (56%), quality of picture (47%) and the ability to watch internet video on a TV screen, rather than a computer (38%).

In terms of content, news (24%), entertainment (27%) and short videos (42%) are the most popular type of content to watch on computer rather than on TV.

Full PDF report tables here and slightly more digestable version here.


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