Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Real Disaster In Burma

Done by Ogilvy London

"In the wake of the devastating Cyclone Nargis that hit Burma on 2 May, more than one million people are homeless, up to 128,000 killed.

This natural disaster was turned into a man-made catastrophe by Burma's brutal regime. They blocked international aid and left thousands without food, shelter or medicine.

Burma is ruled by one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world. It ruthlessly persecutes, imprisons and tortures human rights and democracy activists. Thousands of men, women and children are used as slave labour. Out of sight in the jungles of Eastern Burma, more than 3,000 villages have been destroyed, rape is used as a weapon of war against ethnic women and children. Countless civilians have been killed in the regime’s war of ethnic cleansing.

The people of Burma have asked for our support. Every day they live in fear of arrest, torture and imprisonment. The Burma Campaign UK is answering their call and Ogilvy Advertising was on hand to help them do that by creating a cross media campaign.

We want the world to realise the real disaster in Burma is the government."


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