Sunday, March 08, 2009

Mobile Marketings Biggest Problem

Is its name. At the Ogilvy Telco Conference in Barcelona last month we had a number of interesting sessions, and a number of dull ones: if I hear another "Advertising Is Dead Presentation, I think I might have to do a "Presenter Is Dead" series. 

Anyway there was a lively debate at the end of the two days about how mobile and advertising needs to work together. Surrounded by the great, good, rich and scarily intelligent, I had a couple of points:

1. know you audience - stop trying to sell mobile everything & segment what you  sell by marketing task: branding, direct, reputation, service and product. 

2. love your enemies - sir martin sorrell used the frenemy phrase when talking about google - it is the same with mobile suppliers - this industry more that any other requires multiple partnerships to succeed. 

3. stop talking about money first.

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JT said...

Absolutely agree.I write about this on Frequently. Also, this is exactly what attracted me to my current company, Storyz, as we can run campaigns across web and mobile, thus making mobile only an extension.