Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Digital News To Your Desktop

Here is Ogilvy's Vergecast widget, appropriately named after their worldwide Verge events and a small application that will keep you updated every day on what's going on in the digital world, in- and outside Ogilvy. 

It pulls the 200 most recent news items published on Truffles, our intranet, and conveniently allows you to scroll through them by date or by category (eg. news on advertisers going digital, facts and stats, mobile marketing, blogs and podcasts, search, digital television, etc).

Get the
Yahoo! Widget Engine which will allow you to run this (and other) widgets.

Save t
he following file to your hard-drive open the zip file and doubleclick on the widget file.



Chris Grayson said...

Yahoo! widgets is cross platform, but the link to that widget is a PC only version. Does Ogilvy have a Mac version?

Would seem strange that Ogilvy wouldn't compile a Mac version, seeing as their entire North American (possibly global) creative department is standardized on the Mac platform.

craig said...

Same comment as Chris here. Any link to Mac version?

Giles Rhys Jones said...

here you go chaps. enjoy.

Lent said...

any install tips for the mac version? i've placed it in the widgets folder but the system claims it's not valid.