Saturday, March 07, 2009

Evolution of Twitter?

I am thinking the evolution of twitter will be segmentable tweets or a way to prioritise and rank twitters. Four thousand followers on the ogilvy account mean that it is difficult to keep up. 

For example - my tubinator "the jubilee line is down" alerts get lost amid a myriad of other tweets.

Grouping these somehow, or multiple tweet subsets seems a natural progression and a way to provide time relevant info alongside nice to know stuff. 

They could be given variable life-expectancy, too.




Patrick said...

To borrow a phrase from 37 Signals, twitter (and other developers) will have to evolve so that users can segment between the signal and the noise because so much good information is getting lost. Segmenting tweets might come in the form of multiple tweet as you suggest. I hoping for some type of multiple tweet channel application (can I TM that here?) so that I can segment my marketing tweets from my sports tweets to my social tweets.

Justin Gould said...

Why not look at TweetDeck to do a lot of what you're asking? Seemed to have the sort of filtering that might address zillion follower Twitter issues when I took a look. Might well install it myself if I get a break between tweets! :)

Patrick said...

@Justin - Yes, I do have TweetDeck and it is useful. I just haven't taken it to that level. I guess another way to say is for twitter users to "tag" their tweet content with a specific category so it goes to the right channels. Just an idea to help Twitter evolve.

Andrew Thomas said...

I understand why you would want such a facility, but when you really think about it and realize why Twitter has become so popular, is it because of tools such as Tweetdeck?

I believe its because of the freedom and flexibility of the information that is being passed about within tweets. A sense of discovery is key to its success and popularity. After all if it was organized, surly it would be exactly like e-mail, leave it for a week or so and you could catch up.

Twitter is not like that nor should it be. Its a conversation, a conversation of the moment.

Center of Excellence said...

I'd love to see a desktop app that unobtrusively categorizes my tweets based on my criteria so I can keep an eye on what's going on but I don't have to constantly be logged into Twitter and visiting the site or any of the aggregator sites. I'll spend a little time customizing what I consider a priority to me and then the app will have functionality that helps me stay on top of the things that will really compell me. Perhaps add to that the Genius concept within iTunes so it's recommending related topics as well...