Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Best South African Digital Work?

I hate identikit presentations, you know the ones exactly the same now matter who you are talking to. So with that in that mind I always like to put in relevant examples and cases from the market. I have a trip to Johanesburg in afew weeks talking about global digital trends. I looking for great examples of digital work in mobile, web or outdoor.

Through the egomunications channel I am reaching out to some of the top south african maketing bloggers below for their thoughts and examples.

Any help approeciated and in return I will post the deck on sideshare and buy you anyone beer if they are around on the 4th or 5th November .



Rob Stokes said...

Hey Giles,
I've enjoyed your blog for a while now so would love to help where I can. I'm a digital guy so might be confined to that. What specifically are you looking for?

Rob Stokes said...

Just realised I didn't leave a mail address: rob (at) quirk (dot) biz

Waxed said...

Hey there Giles,

Try and check out, also a great SA blogger.

Hope that you'll enjoy your stay on our sunny shores next week.



Anonymous said...

Matt said...

Yo Giles. Got your ping/ego prod. I am Cape Town-based so if you are heading south from Joburg, please look me up -- my contact details on my blog if you want to chat further re: this topic. Otherwise if we don't link up, have a great stay.

Giles Rhys Jones said...

latest deck - some interesting stats in there.