Wednesday, September 03, 2008

WPP Launch A Global Digital Production Offering

Now this is an interesting spin on how the big players are adapting to the new marketing landscape: WPP Digital, the digital investment and operating arm of WPP, is establishing Deliver, a global digital production capability that distributes work among the group's stable of digital agencies to ensure that clients get the best solutions at the best price.



Jamie247 said...

Whilst this makes perfect financial sense removing agencies like JWT from the delivery phase will only further limit their understanding of digital and damage the output.

You need technical people working with creatives & planners throughout the whole process not just: 'there you go makes us this for under £5k' the build.

Giles Rhys Jones said...

agree. i guess there will always be this struggle; where/if there is a line between digital creative concepts and delivery and how to bridge that line without limiting one or ignoring the other. as technology and channels fragment this increases so i think there is a need for a tiered approach with each level having levels of experience - otherwise you end up with 360 branding meaning 360 people.

ps pay peanuts and you get monkeys - i am sick of piss poor budgets with million dollar expectations.