Thursday, May 24, 2007

Adliterate = Marmite? Kill Brainstorms

Love it or Hate it but adliterate knows how to stimulate a debate. This time a rallying cry to bring kill brainstorms. Many are weighing in on boths sides here but often seems to miss the point. My comment below:

brainstorming = structured conversations.

dont rubbish what it it, rubbish what advertising has done to it - post it notes and powerdots have got in the way of conversations.

get a bunch of bright people in a room and you can generate something powerful. creative + planner? no. it should be more like, creative, planner, tech, media. even better if is not in a room.
isnt this much of what blogging is all about...

darwin was all for wrong turns, bad ideas and building to get to the right answer.


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blaiq said...

Couldn't agree more with the Darwin bit - it's so painful to find people blindly relate Darwinism to 'survival of the fittest' without having a clue about the underlying process which makes it happen