Friday, March 16, 2007

Are intermediaries compounding the problem?

Not only are most multichannel group new business functions led by advertising execs the intermediaries that are meant to select the most appropriate agencies for pitching are also run by people well versed in traditional advertising but with limited understanding of other disciplines and channels. no matter what the marketing problem the solution that continues to get driven is traditional.


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Graeme said...

A couple of interesting issues come to mind here, the first is whether intermediaries are indeed responsible for actually “selecting” the most appropriate agencies.

From my experience the intermediary advises the client as to which agencies would be a) able to answer the clients brief and b) culturally fit with the client. This is discussed by both the client and intermediary before sign off and subsequent invitations are issued.

The other is the issue of the client brief, which in most cases comes from a pre agreed strategy/brand plan. When approaching an intermediary the client actually has a good idea of what they want from an agency. The brand plan has been signed off and the client is looking for a communications agency that can execute these plans. The role of the intermediary is to set a stage whereby the agencies can perform to their maximum and impress the client with their marketing skill and knowledge ….. not to solve the clients communications brief or drive a marketing solution.

So, are intermediaries compounding the problem?

Well that appears to be a cheap shot at intermediaries.

Yes, a couple are rooted in advertising but not all. Just like an agency, the intermediary sometimes has to accept the client’s communications brief and work with what they’re given.

I’m guessing that you’ve been involved in a poorly run pitch process – a good intermediary will hopefully give you a face to face debrief whereby you can get the full answer to your questions.

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