Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Advertisers: A Couple Of Tips

In his 7 Tips for Agency Survial Alain Thys missed "own the idea". Those that do will win. Of course how that idea is generated and delivered is fundamentally changing and it could be a mixture of tech/media/customer insight.

Also the more I read about what we should be doing the more I realise that the likes of Ogilvy and Bullmore and the other advertising greats of yester-year actually had it right, we just managed to cock it up through ignorance, fragmentation, greed and laziness.

We dont need to reinvent the wheel, just read what they said then. afew examples:

"People build brands like birds build nests from the scraps that they find". JB

"Dont count the people you reach, reach the people who count". DO

Also see "Would Ogilvy Recognise Advertising Today"

These guys didnt start with any particular channel, but looked at product, packaging, distribution and then comms. Look at what Stephen King did with Mr. Kipling.

For agencies to survive they need to realise a brand is more than what it says, it is how it behaves and what it deliver through product/service. With technology changing the relationship between brands and consumers there is a need to connect all of these and bring audience closer by listening, involving and constantly evolving.

A merger of creative and management thinking...



Manish said...

Giles...so true - 'we just managed to cock it up through ignorance, fragmentation, greed and laziness!'

1. not enough respect for talent
2. warped/ misplaced sense of whats creative?
3. little organised training
4. being quite uncreative in maanging a creative business

but i guess/ find things are changing!!

Alain Thys said...


Thanks for spotting that one !

I couldn't agree more. I think there was one major trait which set these guys apart. Even though some of them were larger than life they didn't consider themselves as "above it all".

In the last 30-40 years advertising - and even marketing in general - has fooled itself into thinking that it knew what it was doing.

Now,with Web 2.0 and the likes everyone is saying "the consumer is in control", which for me is a politically correct way of admitting "we're out of control". Which imho is the way it should be.

The question is now what agencies will do about it, but whether to evolve or stay put is a choice everyone needs to make him/herself.

At Ogilvy you have the benefit of a very strong heritage, so I'd say it's time to go on that truffle hunt ;-)

Giles said...

ohh i love that - "consumer is in control = we are out of control" also love the reference to truffles.

John said...

I think you'll find that quote comes from Garth Hallberg, not DO.