Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Digital is much more than a channel

Editorial: Digital is not a strategy
Craig Smith, editor Marketing 13 Sep 2006 00:00

href="http://www.brandrepublic.com/news/search/article/592402/editorial-digital-not-strategy">If you haven't heard of ASOS.com before, you will be surprised at its claim to be the UK's leading online fashion and beauty chain. It is less important whether the claim is true or not than the idea that it might be.

I think it is unwise to dismiss digital as just a channel to be absorbed. It is true that very soon all agencies will have to digital capability merely to compete effectively in their own specific field. Technology however has fundamentally changed how brands and consumers communicate. As digital channels increasingly become the hub of campaigns so too interactive thinking needs to be at the heart of marketing strategy. By launching a consumer magazine, ASOS rather than capitulating to offfline and going against the flow, are merely showing they understand this new demanding, creating, sharing, interactive web 2.0 consumer and are giving them what they want.

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