Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Engaging Doesn't Mean Interactive

In current marketing nomenclature there is a real focus on 'engagement'. I am all for being engaging but many people seem to misinterpret the notion of interactivity for engagement. given a brief for engagement they jump to digital and interactivity immediately.

Having the audience upload a story, personalise a dancing character or play a game is interactive, it just might not be engaging.

Likewise watching a piece of broadcast video content can be massively engaging without being interactive in any way.

Like the above, or a book.



Anonymous said...

Like a wise man in advertising told me about 10 years ago: "Ask yourself the following questions. Is it fresh? Is it human? Is it engaging?" This goes for all media.

joeszabo said...

Also like the Volkswagen Piano stairs.

Anonymous said...

Hi, VIMEO video is not working anymore. You should embed the YouTube version:

Nuttakorn said...

I have seen some video or ads now that integrated with social network in order to let people engage and share to their group. It's quite interesting to spread the word from banner advertising. It's no more for traditional banner advertising.

Bruce said...

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