Monday, January 14, 2008

Mentos & Coke DIY Kit - As Seen On The Internet

Back in 2007, the Coke/Mentos video clips caused a sensation and graced powerpoints the length and breadth of adland as a great example of variously: user generated content, brands letting go (and holding on) and the death of the agency model.

Imagine my suprise when Santa (in the form of my brother-in-law) gave me a genuine Steve Splangler "as seen on the internet" Geyser Tube.

I started to wax lyrical to the table about the Mentos story, the long tail of product developent and how it would be interesting to see how "as seen on the internet" might well replace "as seen on TV" as the product endorsement but I think a large turkey dinner and some fine wine must have taken their toll as their eyes glazed over...


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