Thursday, August 09, 2007

Anomaly Does It Again

The successful Anomaly model of sitting halfway between a manufacturer and communications agency continues to evolve as they launch a sister agency, Another Anomaly in NY. This has enabled them to broaden their footprint and bring in more senior players without replicating huge heirachical ad mosters.

In an interesting move they have also chosen to broaden their eclectic skills base by pulling in ex Sony BMGer David Watts to launch and run it, though he is ad man at heart.

I look forward to the next interesting development from the guys who launched and have a stake in the Jawbone, have been working with Virgin America on interiors, uniforms and entertainment and the soon to be launched men's skincare Eu.

Even more interesting is the recent news about The Ingram Partnership whose similar but more media based model struggled to crack a sceptical, traditional and Soho based UK market.


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