Saturday, July 07, 2007

God to Pygmy In One Click

On an daily basis I go from feeling pretty smart to feeling like an idiot. Now this is not anything new, its just in the past I had a least a little warning and time to prepare myself; going to a conference, the walking into the creative floor or settling down to read a book.

Now I might be waxing lyrical about the changes that technology is having on how brands and people communicate with each other to a room of enthralled (no really) staff or clients then BAHMM! I am sideswiped by a Twitter update from a HK grad who in 140 characters blows away my carefully constructed opinion.
"Ideas can come from anywhere" is a much touted phrase but we still often think that those ideas will come within the time frames, process and hierarchies of the ad machine/news reports/consultancy papers.
Sign up to twitter, read a blog, get pownce and bugger me, so much inspiration, so many different views, so much disregard for traditional approaches, such a keen spirit of companionship, community and openess to find stuff out, find a better way that you can't help to be utterly inspired. Literally anything, anywhere, anytime and anyone.
Then PING! a mail arrives from a client: "We had a brainstorm and reckon we should be in Second Life...". Sitting on a cloud can still be exasperating.

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SteamyKitchen said...

I haven't signed up for Twitter yet - for fear that I have way too many electronic connections to the rest of the world and everyone will find out how big of a raving lunatic I really am.